My white 1995 Acura Integra GSR 5-speed

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This was my first fun car. My 2nd car overall. I used to drive a 1982 Honda Civic before this. I greatly enjoyed driving my Integra, with its high revving engine, and smooth gear changing transmission. However, the need for speed caught me quick. I needed substantially more power than any basic bolt-ons could offer. So I decided to turbo charge it...

The Integra is fast. Turbocharged, it's really fast! But still, it's hard to get much low-end torque out of a 1.8L engine. This is why after all these mods, my Supra is just a much faster and sportier car. Nevertheless, it's fun modifying the Integra!

Currently, the Integra needs tuning. The fuel and ignition timings need to be adjusted to run efficiently. I've been doing my own tuning for the time being, because every mechanic / tuner I've dealt with has been a disaster. They've all screwed up my car in one way or another. Except for my good friends at Motorsport Techniques (510-783-8383). They've always done good work for me, with an honest and excellent service. That's a rare combination in this business unfortunately.

power mods

electronic controllers

transmission / differential

handling mods


dyno runs